Fiction lovers will enjoy J Street by Dorothy Martin. She's created a tale of fiction based on the basics of our country's history. It's easy to see how Dorothy's story could come true in future events. No matter how much we as a people want our government to come together as a one, it will probably never happen, still Dorothy creates a possibility that is ever reached for. I highly enjoyed J Street and believe you will also.
J Street

The Chronicles Of A Madman by Michael LaRocca is deinitely a collection of madness and deranged individuals. I wouldn't quite class it as horror, but sometimes you find a story that is in a class all it's own. Michael has a gift of imagination that is very seldom found in Sci-Fi today and I think any Sci-Fi lover will find his works quite amazing.
The Chronicles Of A Madman

Mel Savoie has once again captivated his audience with another fascinating mystery, Pieces of Sand. Once began, I couldn't put the story aside. You definitely want to begin this tale with plenty of time to finish. It's a fast paced plot, so time will run away from you. Looking for a thrilling mystery, then you've found the perfect one.
Mel Savoie

Wistril Compleat by Frank Tuttle is a fabulously written fantasy novel. New thoughts and creative history is wrapped in this lovely story of truth and justice. You'll find this one appropriate for all ages of fantasy lovers.
Wistril Compleat

Approaching Danger, by June Shaw is truly a terrifying experience. Any time you add childhood fears and adult dangers, it creates a story worth shaking over. June has definitely grasped the craft of skilled writing. I highly recommed this spine chilling tale of Approaching Danger.
Approaching Danger

Creatively written, OUSIA by Ted Wilkinson is an adult short story collection of the lifestyles of manic humanity. From the back hills of Colorado to the psychotic ramblings of a death row victim, Ted shows us the naive and fragile state of his characters. Looking for a read that will help you escape an ordinary and sometimes humdrum existence, then OUSIA is definitely the one.

Two Thousand Eighty-Four by Moses Cramden was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Moses has created the most enlightening dilemma, which we can all see coming true today, and a cast of characters that just about anyone can relate to. Who hasn't driven down the road, talking on their cell and wonder, "Gosh, can someone pick up my conversation?" Hello, it can and does happen today. Just think what can happen in the future. Moses gives us a taste of things to come and hopefully things never to come. Highly recommended for Sci-Fi readers.
Two Thousand Eighty-Four

Dying For Charisma by Calley Moore will grab it's readers from the start. Lindsey Dyson finds herself thrown into a case that just won't end. Not one to give up, Lindsey is determined to break the case. Can she do it even though danger is at every corner waiting to devour her? You'll truly enjoy this suspenseful mystery as Lindsay proves how courageous and strong women are in the world today.
Dying For Charisma

I Will Faithfully Execute can rival any John Grisham novel. Thoroughly entranced, I read front to back of this hypnotic political thriller in one sitting. Make sure to have no interruptions because you won't want to put it aside once begun. Mark Levine has a way of making the characters come alive as you move from one conspiracy to the next. How far do or would our own political figures go to achieve their expectations? How far do you? Two thoughts that come to mind constantly as you're reading, I Will Faithfully Execute.
I Will Faithfully Execute

Transformations by Nora Mulligan is quite a fright. Even though I'm not a horror fan, Nora's sspine chiller kept me enthralled to the very end. Quick, grab this entrancing novel before it's on back order. I predict Best Seller List with this one.

Creatively written, Ousia by Ted Wilkinson is an adult short story collection of the lifestyles of manic humanity. From the back hills of Colorado to the psychotic ramblings of a death row victim, Ted shows us the naive and fragile state of his characters.

Highly gifted trio of authors, Cyril Simsa, Amber Meadow Adams and James Secor have created a fascinating collection of short stories to captivate most any reader. Your imagination will go into overdrive while speeding from one astounding tale to another.
The Tangled Web

Millennium Drive by Richard Gatehouse is one book you won't want to miss. Geared towards action lovers, Millennium Drive speeds you away to a story of thrilling adventure. I ended up reading it in one sitting, not about to put it aside for a break. Don't miss out on one of this year's hottest new adventures.
Millennium Drive

Joyce Eberly has once again spun a tale both imaginative and hypnotic. This is one book I couldn't put down. Every turn of the page brought more excitement and intrigue to where I was anxiously watching for the outcome. Sins of the Fathers is definitely a must for all Mystery/Sci-Fi lovers. Highly Recommended.
Sins of the Fathers

Thrilling…"The Journalist," by G.L. Rockey is one story that not only captures you in the opening sentence and holds you spell bound till the end, it will also scare the socks off you wondering….."What if?" Zack, editor of a newspaper, discovers a political plot that has the potential to destroy life as we all know it, FREEDOM. Where's Zack to turn, is there anyone he can truly trust with his information, is the world coming to an end? This is soon to become a favorite with all Sci-Fi and Thriller Fans. Don't miss your chance in experiencing "The Journalist", it's a must read.
The Journalist

Adrian Drake is a fabulous story weaver. The first series of stories from The Legend of Hawkwind" will amaze any fantasy lover as the prophetic, Child of Thirteen, battles insurmountable odds to bring the world a peace only they can imagine. Travel between times as you read an enchanting story that will baffle the imagination.
The Legend of Hawkwind

Highly enjoyable... "The Peace" by Richard Sutcliffe captured me in the first chapter and continued to the end. Never have I read a Sci-Fi book that was so entrancing that I couldn't put it down. I encourage any Sci-Fi fan to read "The Peace", you'll be quite amazed. Hint, Hint, I'm waiting for another sequel.
The Peace

You'll be captivated by the adventures and suspense, Tony Matthews has created in A Cleft of Diamonds. This story is a must for all Adventure Lovers. You'll be fascinated as you turn each page anxiously awaiting the final conclusion.
A Cleft of Diamonds

The Tangled Web, by Joyce Eberly will keep you turning the pages, anxious to know what's going to happen next. Intrigue and Suspense keep you on the edge of your seat reading this highly entertaining story. A must for any Fiction Library.
The Tangled Web

Amazing…..The Rendezvous At Boomer Creek, by Robert Russell is truly astounding. Science Fiction Lovers will be captivated by Robert's unusual descriptions of how the world has become at such a desperate time. The Nova has taken over the world and humans are now the slaves. Humans find themselves desperate to take control once again of their land but discover they are overwhelmingly inferior to these intelligent beings. What will happen to the world as they know it? Can they once again rule their land and pull themselves up from the pit of slavery and destruction they've found themselves in? You'll find the answers and so much more when you read Robert Russell's fantasy, The Rendezvous At Boomer Creek.
The Rendezvous At Coomer Creek

Wind Chance by Charlotte Boyett-Compo is mesmerizing. I couldn't put this book down, dying to know what was going to happen next. This romantic fantasy somehow brings to life each one of the characters in a way that you can't possibly forget them. Choose your time well prior to starting this story because you won't want to be interrupted.

Wind Legends

Wind Keeper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo is a thrilling Fantasy. Charlotte has once again created a fantastic story that captures you in the first scene and carries you through to the last word. Action, adventure and romance are only a few of the reasons to curl up in front of a fire and immerce yourself in a time of dreams and suspense. This is one story you won't mind reading over and over, especially knowing there's sequels.

Alien Fringe by G. LoBuono is a highly entertaining collection of fiction. For the Fiction Collector, Alien Fringe is a must. On those dreary days when you want to curl up in front of the fire and read, you'll be able to pull down one of your favorites. Escape reality and imagine the world as it could be, one unbelievable challenge after another.
Alien Fringe

Tara Manderino's Soul Guardian is mesmerizing. Her writing style captures you from the first chapter and keeps you entranced until the very end. Four hundred year old vampire Lucien, is after an ancient book that will give him back his mortality. He contacts Althea, an innocent and trusting antique dealer to help him locate the book. While searching together, both Lucien and Althea fall deeply in love. Will Lucien find the book and obtain the mortality he desires in order to live a life with Althea? Or will he be doomed to eternity without her and serving a guardian of immortality? Looking for spine tingling and hair raising suspense, then you better grab this one while you can.
Tara Manderino

Looking for action packed, sitting on the edge of your seat Science Fiction? Well, check out the reviews for author John Cullen! John has written three excelent stories and each reviewer begs for a sequel. Whether you're reading of present day or shooting ahead in time to the year 2303, you'll be captivated by his characters and fabulous imagination. I have a feeling John will be one of the top writers of the New Millenium!

Is it so hard to believe that a child could change the world and the way we look at each other? No, I don't believe it is. Christ said, "Let the children come to me." Joan Popek's story Sound The Ram's Horn may be Science Fiction, but it should definitely bring to life, that children are the backbone of our future hopes and dreams.
Sound The Ram's Horn

Love's Captive by Myra Nour is mesmerizing. The Volarnians are desperately trying to keep their race from extinction and will go to any means to accomplish their goal. Including, capturing Earth women and transporting them to their planet. Serena, enchanted by her new husband, the king, soon finds herself loving the people and trying to bring the other Earth women and Volarnians under one law. Close your eyes and you'll be able to see the breath taking sunsets and hear the amazing Konkols sing their nightly songs as you read Love's Captive.
A Story Only Found In Dreams
Watch for the Sequels, Dragon Love and Barbarian Love. Once you've read Love's Captive, you'll want to know what happens next.

Available in both Ebook Format and Print

Myra Nour