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Home Is Never Far Away is an amazing children's story that will tickle the fancy of any reader, young or old. Parents, pull your children up on your lap as you each enjoy the adventures of Oliver the frisky cat. Not only will you giggle and enjoy a special story but your children will share with you the importance of love and friendship.
Home Is Never Far Away

Maximillus and the Guardians of Time by Byron Lester is a fabulous story for young readers. Max begins a journey he's only dreamed about but has become reality. Your young readers will enjoy this fabulously told story of childhood hopes and desies as they join Max in an adventure of a life time.
Maximillus and the Guardians of Time

Oliver, by Lois Wickstrom is a heartwarming tale of young Oliver wondering what life would be with his birth parents. Could life be better, would he have more freedom? Oliver soon discovers his adoptive parents have more than enough love to fill his life. Enjoy, Oliver and see for yourself the gift love can give to a child.

The Chocolate Day by Ann Herrick is an irresistible story any child would enjoy reading. Who wouldn't want to live a full day on chocolate bars? However, Raymond soon discovers chocolate's not all it's cracked up to be. Parents and children alike will enjoy Ann's sweet little tale of confection.
The Chocolate Day

Nessie and the Living Stone written by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah is an enchanting story of two very inquisitive children dying to know the true story of Nessie. Your child will love this tale of mystical secrets and be swept away in a time of truth and honesty. Enjoy, Nessie and the Living Stone, I did.
Nessie and the Living Stone

Ladybugs for Loretta by Lois June Wickstrom is a sweet tale of the life and frolicsome nature of ladybugs. The pictures drawn by Francie Mion will help draw your children into this heart-warming story as they imagine themselves part of the free life of ladybugs.
Ladybugs for Loretta

Secret Til We're Grown, by Betty Jo Schuler is a sure winner for all boys young and old. Have you ever wondered what goes through young boys heads as they day dream and calculate their next moves? Well, this hilarious story by Betty Jo Schuler unfolds many of those mysteries all young girls die to know.
Secret Til We're Grown

Jeff Strand has once again written a highly entertaining story, however this time it's for all ages. "Elrod McBugle on the Loose" is a highly entertaining story of a young boys misadventures in school. You'll grip your sides laughing as you anxiously turn the pages dying to know what's going to happen next. This would make the perfect Christmas Gift for any age.
Elrod McBugle on the Loose

Excelent Juvenile Mystery Story...The Secret of Blue Fish Point by Glen Ebisch is very entertaining. Mystery and intrigue bind you in this story of two young teens trying to discover what mysterious happenings are going down on the point. Any juvenile, who loves a good ghost story or mystery, will love The Secret of Blue Fish Point.
The Secret of Blue Fish Point

Your children will love this delightful tale, Matt Bear and The Quest by Karon Goodman. The book contains seven different stories that teach your child the importance of friendship. Matt Bear goes in search every day for a best friend and instead discovers everything from friends at a swimming hole to Jesse Lion the train engineer. Watch your children's eyes light up with the many different adventures Karen Goodman has created.
Matt Bear and The Quest

The Missing Teddy Bear by Idris O'Neill is not only an adorable folktale; it's also an activity book filled with beautiful color pages. Your children will anxiously turn each page to discover if Koze the teddy bear makes it back to his home and into the arms of his beloved Sally.
The Missing Teddy Bear

Lovely...If You Could Be, written by Tracy Burney and Illustrated by Shawn Newlun is charming. Children can imagine being many different beautiful things in the world, but by the time they're finished with the book they'll be happy to be themselves. This story will be a true keepsake in your home.
If You Could Be

This mystical story, Midsummer Magic by Marianne E. Alexander, will take you to a time full of unicorns and fearies where Love is the most magical tool of all. It's time for the Midsummer Gala but tragedy has struck and now the creatures of the forest must join together to overcome all obsticles in order to continue their traditions. Read Midsummer Magic and travel to a land full of love, hope and honor.
Midsummer Magic

Dawn Reno has given a heart wrenching account of Edmonia Lewis: The Sculptor They Called "Wildfire". Life was terribly difficult for the young woman known as Wildfire. She finds herself taken from her Indian Reservation and delivered to Oberlin College, knowing no one. Edmonia knows she has a destiny to fulfill, but not quite sure what it is. After being beaten and charged for murder, Edmonia discovers her desire for sculpting. She doesn't allow prejudices to stand in her way and continues to succeed, becoming one of the world's acclaimed Women Sculptors. Edmonia Lewis is truly a inspiration to all women, young and old. Edmonia Lewis: The Sculptor They Called Wildfire

Michael Manley's Magic Milk Machine by Ken Seamon and Joan L. James is delightful. It's a fast paced rhyming story that will keep your child enthralled 'til the end. Large colorful pictures add to the imagination as Michael takes apart most everything in his house to create this mysterious milk machine. Enjoy a child's innocent antics as he tries to improve on the good wholesome taste of his favorite drink "milk".
Michael Manley's Magic Milk Machine

Cap'n Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost is an exciting story for children. Travel through time with several inter-active links and discover what it's really like on an old sailing ship. Cap'n Angus has a way with the children that I believe would even capture the imagination of adults, I know it did me. Share this story with your children. Make it a family night, everyone will enjoy and remember.
Cap'n Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost

In Deborah Gafford's Swept Away Series, A Visit With A Viking will keep your child sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next thrilling event. If action and adventure is your child's cup of tea, then they'll love Visit With A Viking. To quote my son, "That story is "tight". Tight is the new word for cool, if you don't know already.
To order an autographed copy, contact Deborah Gafford
To order direct from publisher Visit With A Viking

Leta Nolan Childers has created two delightful stories within her Cat Tales Series. The Window to Summer and Chasing Butterflies and Finding Rainbows. Watch your children's imagination bloom with the animation and sounds as they learn to read. "My seven year old daughter loves them both." She also has Two New stories available. Count With Me and Recite With Me . They're great for preschoolers. Both are a wonderful teaching tool for preschoolers. Easy mouse control and animated sounds capture your child's imagination. While entertained, your chil will have a delightful time learning to read and count.
Leta Nolan Childers