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The Investor's Creed by Steven R. Selengut is so full of information that it's a good thing it's in Ebook format. You can pull it up on your computer at the same time as implementing it on your database. Steven makes even me feel like "I can do this. What do I need to pay hundreds of dollars to investors for?" This is a four part book starting with laying your foundation in investing and ending with managing your investments and money. Give it a try. I dare you to take a chance and see what You can do with Your money.
The Investor's Creed

Entertaining...When Will My Ship Come In? The Miss Adventures of a Navy Wife, by L.A. Krueger is an exceptional read. You'll laugh and cry while one headstrong and naive woman experiences life's most unbelievable adventuress and conquers her own world. I highly recommend this charming read. You won't be disappointed.
L.A. Krueger

The Joy Of Melt And Pour Soap Making was an extremely easy to understand craft of soap making. At first I thought it was a trick title, but NO it's the real thing. I read it with my daughter and we're both anxious to give it a try. Lisa Maliga makes it seem quite easy and funt to use. If you're into crafts give Lisa's instruction a try, I'm sure you'll be please with the outcome.
The Joy Of Melt And Pour Soap Making

Looking for a motivational book, then Tending the Garden of Your Mind by Zoey Alexander is a must. Zoey touches on every aspect of controlling your life. She tells in detail of focusing and becoming centered with yourself and enjoying every minute of it. Aromatherapy, massages, meditation, and diet are only a few of the many helpful hints you'll find in this book of information.
Tending The Garden Of Your Mind

In this day and age, it's even harder to keep a marriage strong and together. John and Lisa Comandari's book How To Keep Your Wife In Love With You Forever is one that should grace every married couple's home. It's so easy to overlook the one person closest to you. That's where trouble begins. John and Lisa help remind you of the little things we all need to hear and do. If you're looking for ways to keep your wife coming home to you with open arms everyday, check out John and Lisa's book.
How To Keep Your Wife In Love With You

Life On Santa Claus Lane by Darrell Bain is Sensational. I've never laughed or smiled so much reviewing a story. Darrell's true adventures will remind you of some of your fondest memories growing up or time shared with loved ones. If you're looking to give the gift of laughter this holiday season, this is one book you can't pass up.
Darrell Bain

Lean from a Professional Millionaire. Steven R. Selengut has written a detailed accounting of his strategies for the Investment Market. A Millionaire's Secret Strategy, will help guide you through the basic principals of investing and much, much more. If you're looking for a book that only touches the minimal truths of the Stock Market, then this one is not for you. Steven has provided a very detailed and truthful account we should all know and put into action. It doesn't take an intellectual genius to make money on the Stock Market. If you follow Steven's guidelines and your intuition, you could become the Next Millionaire.
A Millionaire's Secret Strategy

Succeed Without Burnout by Ben Kubassek is riveting. Yes, Riveting! Full-time job, children, soccer, ballet and church, the list could go on and on. Burnout is something we all have to cope with sooner or later in our lives and Ben Kubassek has the secret to success. Finally there's a book you can relate to, not a feeling that the writer has never experienced "Burnout" and is only trying to but into your life where you don't have another second to spare. Try Ben's steps and feel relief as you get your life under control.
Succeed Without Burnout

Body Logic by Melonie Heaton and Jan Heaton is an excellent motivator for anyone having difficulty in losing weight. It's not a diet plan. It's a change of lifestyle. They motivate you through their own personal experiences and give you hope for a happier and healthier tomorrow. Give Body Logic a try, treat the cause not the symptoms of obesity. You'll be surprised how much better you feel.
Body Logic