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John Cullen
Clocktower Fiction
ISBN 0-7433-0000-9
5 Stars *****

Generals Of October is one of the best political/military thrillers I have read in a long time. It is a well told story of what can happen when one man seeks to control the United States. This man doesn't just use politics but he also uses the military and the economic situation the country is in.

I have chosen to start this review with the assasination of Vice-president Luis Cordoza in 2008. Cordoza was picked by Rober Lee Hamilton, (RLH), to run on a split ticket with the presidential choice of the Democrats and the Republicans. RLH had founded the Middle Class Party, which he was using as a means to change the Constitution. When Cordoza discovered these plans, he sent a message to the President and arranged a meeting. On his way to the airport he was assassinated. There was a brownout which sent the message into a storage file in one of the goverment's computers.

1st Lieutenant David Gordon and Captain Maxine Bodley first met when David was recovering from having both legs broken in a parachute jump and Maxie was his nurse. When he discovered that Maxie was in Washington, DC they renewed their friendship. Since David was trying to stay in the Infantry, he has been assigned to the Inspector General's Detachment. They are assigned to work with the joint military units that are working to protect the Constitutional Cenvention that has been called to rewrite the Constitution. David's first two cases involved him in the convention. He learned from the first case, a rape that the troops in the Hotel were not regualr Army but were reservists. They did not fall under the authority of anyone outside the hotel. The second case involved the message from the Vice-president to the President. Maxie introduces David to Lieutenant Victoria Breen, Executive Officer of a data security unit, who becomes involved in his investagation regarding the request of Ibrahim (IB) Shoob. Shoob is the one who found the lost message the Vice-president sent the President. David and Tory account for most of the romance that happens. Their romance is not put in just to have romance, it actually adds to the story. Mr. Cullens' writing is so clear that the reader will feel like they are there during some of the war scenes.

Mr. Cullen's story involves cold-blooded assasins and the desire of a few men who are thirsting for the power of controlling the country. The battle between the real Army and the reservists, who are really militias is so real that the reader feels like you're there. He has many characters and events, but it is written so well that you don't lose track of what is happening or who is involved. Like I said at the beginning this is one very good book and made me wonder if some of the events in the book could be in the future of this country.

Reviewed by: Hattie Boyd

John Argo (aka John Cullen)
A Suspense Novel
Clocktower Fiction
Rating [1-5 stars]

There is nothing wrong with John Argo's suspense novel that another 70,000 words wouldn't fix. In fact, after reading Neon Blue, I can barely wait for another Laurel (Blue) Humboldt novel. Blue is a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agent), 28, and single. She has been married but has no children...her marriage she says was a "wagon that rolled away." She would like to meet another man but complains that the only men who show an interest in her - or she is even vaguely interested in - are either jerks or married or both. She is a sensitive woman who can feel deeply the loss of a fellow officer but can also coldly drop kick or shoot an enemy into oblivion. In short, she is an interesting and truly believable character who, as many of us do, comparmentalizes her life, ("puts it into little boxes," she says) in order to maintain her sanity in a violent and crazy world.

This world is clearly presented to a reader for Argo has a precise eye for description, both of characters and of locales. His Hamilton, Connecticut is as vibrantly alive as his San Diego; his duplicitous Monsignor "Gordon" and his murdeous Harry (the Slasher) Sone are as finely etched as his gentle Detective Eddie Stosik. We cheer when the former two receive their come-uppance and cry when the latter is literally "wasted."

And when Argo launches into an action scene - such as the one in which Blue tries frantically to find a way into a closed Mall where the new man in her life is being attacked by the vicious Stone - I defy any reader to stop before the conclusion of the sequence.

In short, John Argo simply must follow up this "Blue" novel with a second. Luarel Humboldt is too vibrant a character to be restricted to a single adventure.

Give us another 70,000 words, John!

Rating: Five Stars. *****

Reviewer: Terry Sheils
Bio Info: Former Teacher now a contributing editor of LTD Books

ISBN: 0-7433-0001-7
John Argo
Science Fiction
Clocktower Fiction
5 Stars *****

The Year is 2303 and Earth is dying. In an attempt to save a diminishing mankind six of Earth's best--three men and three women--are sent on a thousand year voyage to planet N60A, believed to be as Earth once was. Paul Menard and his spouce, Alicia, make a crash landing. The Mother Ship soon follows in a fiery descent. Their only hope now is that the other two life boats manned by their companions, each containing an extensive library of Earth's past, have landed safely.

On this planet of clear waters, bright skies and wondrous wildlife, Paul and Alicia encourter a civilization much more primitive than they had expected...or are they so primitive? What happened to the advanced race who sent an invitation into space? What secrets awaited them in the city Avamish? The answers will surprise you.

I highly recommend this book. Pioneers is well written, the characters well developed and believable. Their journey will keep you reading till the end. I for one will be looking for a sequel!

Reviewed by: Mary Adair - Author
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