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Women's Devotions
Women Desiring A Closer Walk With God
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
An Intelligent and Beautiful Woman
Now Playing: A man's pride will bring him low; but the humble in spirit will retain honor. Prov. 29:23
Topic: Women's Devotions

               In 1 Samuel, Chapter 25, we learn of Abigail, a beautiful, intelligent and discerning woman.  She was told by her husband’s men, that Nabal, her foolish husband, had treated David’s men unjustly and spoke unkindly of him.  David was angry and he and four hundred men were approaching to destroy Nabal and her family.  Abigail knew her husband had been foolish and she quickly sent men to David with food and wine, as David had originally requested of her husband.  She rode behind the messengers and when she made it to David’s camp, she fell to her face and humbly asked David’s forgiveness. 

             Soon afterwards, her husband died. When David heard of Nabal’s death, he sent a messenger to Abigail asking for her hand in marriage.  Abigail again fell humbly before them and praised David and his servants.  She agreed to his proposal and followed the messengers back to him.  Because of Abigail’s humble attitude, the Lord blessed her with a marriage to a man after His own heart.

             Abigail’s discernment of David’s nature and her own husband’s was able to aid her in saving her family.  Since she first went to David in humility, he was open to her message and request.  How many times do we jump off the handle with a situation and soon afterwards regret our actions?  I know I’ve fallen guilty of it on more than one occasion.  It’s not easy.  Actually sometimes it’s down right hard to bite my tongue.  I see someone being treated unjustly and want to run to his or her defense without a thought to the outcome.  When I do, it always ends up hurting some else’s feelings and it doesn’t turn out the way I hoped.  However, if I pray about it first, either God takes care of the problem, or He shows me a way to address it without everyone getting hurt.  It always returns to the humble way we respond.

            When Abigail agreed to be David’s wife, he wasn’t yet king.  He was still traveling in the wilderness.  However, she was willing to share his trials and trusts and stand by his side.  We should do the same with our Lord.  Following Christ isn’t always easy.  God’s word tells us trials and troubles will come our way, but if we join ourselves with Christ and humbly serve him, we too will be co-heirs in heaven for all eternity.



Father, thank you for the opportunity to humbly serve along side of you while you call all to your Kingdom for eternity.

Posted by kimgaona at 19:10
Updated: Wednesday, 15 August 2007 19:47
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